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roguish Establish a Bluetooth connection between your Google Daydream controller and HoloLens with this plugin for Unity. Access Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Touchpad coordinates, and all 5 buttons. “Lucky Night: Texas Hold’em VR” Coming to Steam, HTC Vive/Oculus Rift ... In this game, you will be able to engage in online poker gaming with other VR players on HTC Vive/Oculus Rift. Lucky Night features up to 6 players simultaneous play with the motion controllers. You can also send emojis to others to express yourself, as well as customizable avatar too.

Even the most high-end of mobile VR, the Google Daydream uses a standard controller that comes with the platform and there seems to be no better alternatives yet.

The Google Daydream View is out now, and here are the best apps the VR headset has to offer on day one. ... It makes excellent use of the Daydream's controller and the tilt-to-steer feels very ... Review: Google’s Daydream View is casual VR done better w/ a ... Like many of you, I first heard of Google’s Daydream platform — then rumored to be called Android VR — back at Google I/O 2016. I had hope that Google would pull an actual VR headset out of ... Daydream Controller vs Gear VR Controller: What's different ... The new Gear VR Controller isn't a unique idea in the world of phone-based VR, but it's far from a "clone" of anything. Google's Daydream Controller may have been the first to offer motion controls and a touchpad for VR, but is it the best? Lets take a look and see what Gear VR and Daydream have to ...

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Samsung Gear VR/Oculus Rift/Google Daydream title “Casino VR Poker” is getting a brand new image, accompanied by a brand new title “Poker VR“. Casino VR Poker is a multiplayer poker game for virtual reality. Read players’ body language or talk them into folding – now you can experience real-life poker wherever you are, whenever. KAYAK VR - Explore Venice and Kathmandu - HOW KAYAK VR WORKS Download to your Google Daydream headset and explore two virtual destinations. Move around a number of different 360° scenes to explore the sights before you commit to booking a flight. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Visit Venice and Kathmandu with the KAYAK VR app before you decide to visit in real life. 15 best Google Daydream games! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority

Casino VR Poker, from developer Casino VR is a free, multiplayer title that we first featured on VRFocus back in January as part of New To VR when it was then an Oculus Rift title on Oculus VR Share.

Google Daydream VR Review: Virtual Reality On the Cheap | Time The Daydream View, Google's first virtual reality headset, is a cheap way to try VR. But it needs more games and apps to truly shine. The Daydream is a cheap way to try VR for the first time Hands on With Google's Daydream View Headset (Video) – Road to VR Here’s a video tour of Google’s eagerly awaited Daydream VR headset ‘View’, revealed today for the first time. We take a look at the design concepts, features, fit and finish of this ... The best Google Daydream games and apps - New Atlas If you've already got your hands on a Google Daydream View headset, then you are probably an enthusiastic early adopter. Here are New Atlas' picks for the best games and apps to download as you ...

The Daydream View is already being seen as a viable alternative to the Oculus Rift, which is currently leading the way in terms of VR innovation. While most VR companies have been focusing on expanding the video game experience, Oculus has shifted their focus to social interactive gaming through their Casino VR: Poker.

15 Dec 2017 ... This impressive mive of Apple's ARKit and Gear VR's immersive social ... The game is developed by Mega Particle and is a sequel to the team's previous app, Casino VR. ... In the current version you can join a Poker VR table and use all of ... Google Not Releasing Oculus Quest Competitor, Pixel 3a Doesn't ... Editorial: VR Is Exactly Where It Needs To Be - UploadVR 2 Oct 2017 ... Through the data from our game, Casino VR Poker, and the industry, we can confidently say that VR has more than delivered on these aspects.

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