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It comes from poker: you hold your cards close to your "vest" or body so you don't "tip your hand" or accidentally allow the other players to see your cards. This is a really nice article about the phrase, and includes some related poker phrases.

1 Feb 2006 ... Though it was just a friendly game of Go-Fish, Henry kept his cards close to the vest, not letting anyone else see which cards he held. play close to the vest | WordReference Forums The meaning goes beyond playing cards close to the vest. ... but vest sounds pretty good, too, and evokes gambling dens, sweat and poker :) keep cards close to your chest | WordReference Forums close to the vest : in a reserved or cautious manner ... have taken off (lost??) their shirts thus exposing their vests, while poker players in the US ... "Close to the chest" or "close to the vest?" The answer annoys the hell ...

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to the vest | WordReference Forums 2007-5-14 · In American English, a "vest" is not an undergarment; it is instead the more common term for a man's waistcoat. If a card player does not want to take the chance that any of the other players will see what cards he has, he will hold his hand very close to his body -- and so he is playing his cards from a position close to his vest. close to your vest是什么意思? - 英语俚语_英语谚 … 2019-5-15 · 玩扑克牌的时候脸上不露表情的人往往都很谨慎,把牌放在靠胸口的地方,免得给别人偷看。这在英文里就是close to the vest。Close to the vest用在一般情况下就是指一个人 Rodeo Poker Bull Bruises And Batters |

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We do give away 98% of our content for free here at Conscious Poker, but we have to keep some things close to the vest, because, frankly, I'm still using this ... Zac Shaw (@zacshaw) | Twitter Player of music, poker, life and other games. ... Online Poker Bill Introduced in New York Assembly: .... Been keeping this one close to the vest for a while. Pennsylvania Online Gambling Outlook: Mohegan Sun Pocono 17 hours ago ... The company initially applied for a PA online poker license, too, but later ... casino plans, however, it has played its cards close to the vest. The Definitive Guide to Poker Cash Game Strategy by ConsciousPoker

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London Casino in Kensington | Genting Casino Cromwell Mint ... the traditional casino and poker gaming unlike any other London casino. ... are acceptable, however, football shirts, muscle/vest tops and shorts are not. Federal authorities raid Bicycle Hotel and Casino in Bell Gardens ... Apr 4, 2017 ... The sight of federal agents, some wearing bulky black vests, drew ... do not close casinos while conducting money-laundering investigations, ... Known for its 185 tables of poker and other card games, the casino now is ... New Details on Underground Hollywood Poker Ring Implicate a Major ... Aug 14, 2012 ... Menu Menu Close Close ... New Details on Underground Hollywood Poker Ring Implicate a Major Studio Boss and Yankees Player ... Four Seasons or Beverly Hills Hotel, where bodyguards in bulletproof vests were the norm, ... As for the poker, there was no limit, so the pot could reach into the hundreds of ... John D. Rockefeller's Keys to Success | The Art of Manliness

Excellent point – “There’s a time to play our cards close to the vest… and then there are times when we need to lay em’ all out on the table…” I struggle with learning that balance. My wife says she has to pull information out of me at times. And, glad to hear you got good results. 🙂

How the underground ‘Poker Princess’ managed to school ... Molly Bloom had celebrities by the score leaning over million-dollar piles of chips at her famous, underground high-stakes poker games. But don’t expect to learn their names from “Molly’s ... What does close to the vest mean? - Examples of close to the vest in a Sentence. John Dowd: We wanted to know what was really on their mind. They played it close to the vest. Our purpose was: the more meetings we had, the more we learned. That was the purpose of keeping the talking going. Kendall Coffey: If you lose that fight your whole case is thrown out," he said. etymology - Is it 'Close to the chest' or 'Close to the vest ... Those things aside, I believe the "close to the chest/vest" idiom .... "Close to the vest" is the original phrase and originated from poker players ... Playing One's Cards Close to the Vest and the Pulitzer Prize

'Tilt' plays it close to the vest - The Boston Globe 'Tilt' plays it close to the vest. By Matthew Gilbert, Globe Staff ... After all, a high-stakes poker game can be a quiet storm of anxiety and deception, and it is ... Urban Dictionary: close to the vest Though it was just a friendly game of Go-Fish, Henry kept his cards close to the vest, not letting anyone else see which cards he held. He played the murder close to the vest so he could work out all the details before the police found out. Strip Poker - Strip poker a short story A lad and his mates take advantage of his mum’s absence but get a shock when she returns home earlier than expected! Jack Sansom and his mates were 13 - 14 years old. They were a close-knit group of 4 friends - Tony, Gary Callum and Jack.